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Vote Cope

Your statewide union has a political fund-raising arm called VOTECOPE. VOTE-COPE is NYSUT's non-partisan action fund that coordinates the voluntary contributions of members and supports NYSUT-endorsed candidates and campaign committees that are pro-public-education and pro-labor.

Robin Sinclair- Scott,
District Vote-Cope
Coordinator & Berea
Building Rep.

See your building Building Representative for a payroll deduction form or download a PDF version of the 

VOTE-COPE Contribution Form available here and forward it to our District VOTE-COPE Coordinator, Robin Scott, at Berea, your building coordinator, or directly to the union office.

A $100 yearly contribution is approximately $4 per paycheck. Simply mark $100 for the school year on your VOTE-COPE Contribution Form and the Business Department will prorate the biweekly deduction for 21 (22) or 25 (26) pay periods.

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