Executive Council

The Executive Council is comprised of elected officers and building representatives. Each building is entitled to one (1) representative for every fifteen (15) unit members (or fraction thereof) within that building. Each building is also entitled to one alternate building representative for every two representatives.

Pasquale Leo,


Meghan Rilley,

Vice President

Holly Siegel

Vice President

Derek DeVoe,


Joe Collins

The paraprofessional and secretarial bargaining units are each entitled to a representative at Executive Council meetings. Non-voting Retiree representatives are also present at meetings. 


Monthly meetings generally take place on the first or second Tuesday of each month and are listed below followed by a list of this year's officers and building representatives/alternates. A list of Executive Council Committee Assignments is included, as well as a list of participants involved in other related Association and/or District Committees. Appointed positions and committee participants may be from the Executive Council or the general membership.

The VCTA consists of two bargaining units: Teachers and School Related Professionals

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