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Announcements and Events

  • VCTA Get-Togethers: Join your your teacher, secretary and paraprofessional colleagues at Billy Joe's Ribworks on the Newburgh Waterfront for conversation and appetizers starting at 3:00 on the following dates:

    • April 26th

  • Seminar Catalog for the Tarrytown Learning Center: Professional Development Seminars for NYSUT Members for the 2014-15 school year.

  • New York State Teacher Retirement System on YouTube: Navigating the ins and outs of the NYSTRS can be difficult and frustrating at times. NYSTRS does have an excellent website and an outstanding staff who are more than willing to assist members. To further assist NYSTRS members there is also a new tool now available in the form of YouTube videos. These videos are both informative and often very humorous. It is well worth taking some time to check them out. There are 13 different videos covering such topics as:

    • A Tutorial for New Members

    • Prior Service Credit

    • Filing for Disability Protection

    • Beneficiary Information and Options

    • Countdown to Retirement

    • Accessing your Personal Retirement Information via the NYSTRS Website

  • Montgomery Food Pantry: Select this link to download a Payroll Deduction Form for the Food Pantry. If you choose to participate, deductions for the Food Pantry will be taken two times per month from October to June (i.e. 18 deductions). For example $1 per pay will equal $18 per year (i.e. $1 x 18 pays = $18 per year), $5 per pay will equal $90 per year (i.e. $5 x 18 pays = $90 per year) and $10 per pay will equal $180 per year (i.e. $10 x 18 pays = $180 per year). All deductions will be deposited into a designated account and then forwarded to the Food Pantry. By agreeing to payroll deduction you can ensure that the Montgomery Food Pantry receives your funding monthly, making their mission of providing food to Valley Central families and children more efficient.

  • VOTE-COPE: Select this link to download a VOTE-COPE Payroll Deduction Form. Please consider increasing your VOTE-COPE contributions to $100 annually. It is our most effective means of supporting children, education and the rights of workers. Visit our VOTE-COPE page for more information.

  • Valley Central Education Foundation: Select this link to download the VCEF Teacher Grant Application from the VCEF website

  • The Gap Between the Rich and Poor is getting bigger each year in the US. Wall Street would have us believe that the rich must get richer for the US to compete—I guess their mamas never taught them not to lie! Read the Article: “Greater Equality; The Hidden Key to Better Health and Higher Scores” This article demonstrates that nations with a more even distribution of wealth are superior to those with a greater disparity. “Health and social problems are more common in countries with bigger income inequalities.

  • Dental/Vision/College Verification:  Fax your information to:

    • Maggie Rosado

    • FAX # 516-396-5588

    • Fall verification covoers September - December and Spring verification covers January through August.

Member Services


P.O. Box 9005

Lynbrook, New York  11563

  • AFL-CIO Do Buy List:  There are companies that play naughty and some that play nice. As you compose your school and holiday lists and make vacation plans, be a good union shopper. Reward merchants who are included on the AFL-CIO's "do buy" list for their good-faith bargaining and fair labor practices.

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