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Open Enrollment:
Open Enrollment for health benefits will be held Monday, November 14 th through Friday, December 16 th. The
benefits selected during this Open Enrollment will be effective for the period January 1, 2023 through December
31, 2023.
Changes will NOT be accepted after December 19th. If you wish to make changes to your coverage for
calendar year 2023, you may do so during this Open Enrollment period. Coverage for current enrollees who wish
to continue benefits with the same provider will roll over into the new plan year automatically.

The following information will be made available during the Open Enrollment period on the Payroll & Benefits
Website (, or by contacting Lisa Jayne Doyle at or at ext. 18125:

  • Benefits Summaries for INDECS (OU BOCES Health Plan), MVP, and NYSHIP

  • Enrollment and Change Forms

  • Contribution Rates

  • Health Buyout Form

* Please note, we are making the above information available via the website as soon as we receive it from the
health plans. If the information is not yet posted, we have not yet received it from the plan.

Should you wish to enroll, change, or terminate coverage, you must return the completed form(s) along with
required documentation to the Payroll Department no later than December 19th. It is important to provide all
required information and documentation at the time of enrollment. Missing information may delay having coverage
effective January 1, 2023.

Please note, a coverage change can ONLY be made outside of the Open Enrollment period in the event of a “Change
of Family Status.” A qualifying Change of Family Status is defined as: marriage, divorce, separation/retirement,
birth, adoption, addition of children, death, termination of a spouse’s medical coverage, obtaining other medical
coverage, or loss of covered status. In the event of a qualified Change of Family Status, you MUST submit proper
documentation, along with your request, within 30 days of the event. Failure to act within this time-frame could
substantially delay the coverage change.

Health Insurance Rates:
We do not have official rate increases for MVP or NYSHIP at this point in time. We are hopeful to have the rates
prior to the beginning of our Open Enrollment period. MVP and NYSHIP have indicated that these rates will likely
be available by mid to late November. Please note, under many of our contracts, the MVP and NYSHIP employee
rates are tied into the INDECS rates (any excess above the INDECS rates must be paid for by the employee), and
the INDECS rate will not change until July 1, 2023. As a result, any increase to either the MVP or NYSHIP
premium effective January 1st must be paid entirely by the employee, which may cause your contribution to increase

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