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VCTA Adopts Resolution to SUPPORT the "I REFUSE" Movement
The VCTA's name has been added to the many supporters of the "I Refuse" movement. Visit the NYS Allies for Public Education website to view the resolution, and see an up-to-date list of supporters and/or download a refusal letter to be utilized on behalf of your child.
UNFI Tax Breaks are Unnecessary and Unfair to VCSD
Sign the Petition urging UNFI to pay its local school taxes in full now by selecting the picture above or the link below! UNFI’s $18 Million in Tax Breaks Hurt Our Kids:
Did you Know:
  • IDAs (Industrial Development Agencies), in collaboration with Town Boards, can reach PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) agreements with businesses that waive school taxes for these businesses without School Board/District approval?
  • A PILOT deal was reached with UNFI (United Natural Foods Inc.) while the VCSD was rolling back kindergarten from full to half day and completely eliminating elementary music, art and library. During this same time, fundraising activities were necessary to save activities such as sports for students.
  • After the PILOT deal was reached with UNFI, the Montgomery Town Board raised its taxes by 16.58%, well above any increase the school district has ever requested of the community? The difference: The voters do not get to vote on this unilateral increase by the Town..
  • These UNFI tax breaks were unnecessary as Montgomery was the ideal central location for UNFI’s new distribution center.
  • NYS State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli stated: "Taxpayers are not getting enough bang for their buck when it comes to IDAs. Residents, particularly those in high-cost regions such as Long Island and the mid-Hudson Valley, have every right to question whether the additional tax breaks are producing promised economic benefits."
  • DiNapoli’s press release further states: “…that there appears to be limited correlation between higher tax exemptions and job creation… school tax breaks accounted for $394 million [in NYS]…[the] additional taxes a typical homeowner may be paying to cover the exemptions...[is]...up to $140 more per year in local taxes depending on where they live, according to the report.”
The NYS Authorities Budget Office (ABO) was critical of the deal reached between the Town of Montgomery IDA and UNFI. Read the report below along with other related materials.
Member Action Center (MAC): The MAC is here to help make your voice heard and to build the movement around the priorities that matter most to all of us: education, healthcare, and issues that affect us all as working people. The only way for this to work is through member registration. Select the MAC link. Once there, all you need to do to register is enter your email address. You will then begin to get emails when NYSUT needs you to log on to contact your local legislators through sending faxes and emails. That process is almost as painless as the initial registration. You will be asked to input information including your name and your home zip code. The rest is done for you.
Montgomery Food Pantry: Select this link to download a Payroll Deduction Form for the Food Pantry. If you choose to participate, deductions for the Food Pantry will be taken two times per month from October to June (i.e. 18 deductions). For example $1 per pay will equal $18 per year (i.e. $1 x 18 pays = $18 per year), whereas $3 per pay will equal $54 per year (i.e. $3 x 18 pays = $54 per year). All deductions will be deposited into a designated account and then forwarded to the Food Pantry. By agreeing to payroll deduction you can ensure that the Montgomery Food Pantry receives your funding monthly, making their mission of providing food to Valley Central families and children more efficient.
VC Echoes: June 2016
Visit Echoes Archives to read past issues and Journalism Awards to view honors received by our past and present editors.
NYSUT Communcations Competition (2014)
Congratulations to Editor Meghan Rilley for her continued success. Thank you to all Echoes contributors for their contributions and hard work. The VCTA won the following awards at the 2014 NYSUT Communications Conference:
The VCTA consists of three bargaining units: teachers, secretaries and paraprofessionals. We are affiliated with the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), which is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the National Education Association (NEA) and the AFL-CIO. Email for questions or comments regarding this website.